refers to a series of ridges produced by folding of the skin on ones scrotum or stomach.
I noticed that the your scrotum is darker in color and is covered with RUGAE!
by Barbadison May 11, 2009
1.)short form of Ruga Rell (also Ruger Rell) that's another name of Dipset rapper Hell Rell
2.)another word for a gun, especially used by Hell Rell
1.)Hell Rell: "Mister Ruga Ruga, I'm a shoota shoota!"
2.)"I got rugas in the trunk, pull over and dump"
by 2Gun Vega June 15, 2008
A wrinkle, crease, or fold in ones stomach.
Ahh! My stomach is full of rugas!
by Brad June 10, 2003
Boys that have no goals in life and tend to show off what they usually dont have in groups. They are commonly found in the DMV.
Look at him jumping to Lil Uzi, he is such a ruga boy.
by Lolo and Timbi December 26, 2016
One who comences the act of violently ass ramming an individual with their penis, Large squid,or any other phalical object.
Friend: So what did you do last night?
Other Friend: I proceeded to play some dude in soul calibur IV and was the ruga monster for a good 10 rounds.
by TheRugaMonster March 15, 2009
The intense need to squeeze someone out of frustration
I want to ruga you
by beccca47 November 11, 2014