Along with his female counterpart -the Rude Girl- 'Rudys' as they are called in the ska scene were developed by the first ska bands to mimic the depression(or) post war gansters of america. The word 'Rude' is refrenced to Jamaican culture where it is slang for mischevious or obscene.

A Rude Boy's attire would include a white button up and thin tie under a closed black blazer top with matching dress pants, A Black Ferdora with an occasional white stripe of fabric, and to top it off, sunglasses and classy skankin' boots- or loafers.

Normally associated with the traditional two-tone ska scene, Rude Boys can now be seen as a nostalgic tribute for the more modern 3rd wave ska followers.
Him: "I think this guy showed up at the wrong joint, whys he wearing sunglasses?"
That Guy: "He's gotta be a Rude Boy"
Him: "..."
That Guy: "does he have a 9mm?"
Him: "AND a 3-piece suit"
That Guy: "Yup hes gotta be a Rude boy"
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Having no education, no qualifications, Rude Boys are driven to desperation. They rob, stab, and steal, loot, shoot and wail. They are rougher than rough, tougher than tough, and dreader than dread.

Their actions are unlawful, but these are good men, who do what they must to provide for themselves and their families.

You can not work if there is no job. If your family is starving you will take the food you see, like a lion kills for his lioness.

Don't confuse a Rude Boy with a bad man, a Rude Boy can be a righteous man. They are the by-product of a society that takes from them every day, and forgets them when there is nothing left to take.
I introduce myself as the rudest of all rude boys. Some people call me dreader than dread. And if anyone try to stop rude boys they will get sick in their heads. And end up in the cemetary because theyll be dead. No 100, no 1000 years, no clean face man can judge dread. And when we win this appeal you'll pay for every mans head. So don't be a fool just play cool. Because this is rude boy dreader than dread.

“But as you can see, they’re from a poor generation
Having no education, no qualification
So they’ve driven to desperation
Can’t get no job so they’ve forced to rob
I’m not saying they should, but as you know
A hungry man is an angry man
So think it over before you bind them over
Please give them a break to mend their mistakes
As you already know, robbery was from creation
For robbery befell the black nation
Our ancestors once ruled the world and all it’s gold
But now we’re poor.” ­ Martin (Barrow, 56)
by Mat Mc April 27, 2008
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USA - Someone is tougher/nastier than they appear to be
He's tougher than he looks, watch out for him. He's a rude boy.
by NYCGreatest1 January 23, 2010
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Definition One: A boy whose impolite, or a 'badman'
(Badman being a slang word in the UK)

Definition Two: A song by Rihanna
Definition One:
Person 1: That boys so cool.
Person 2: He's such a rudeboy!

Definition Two:

'C'mon Rude boy, boy,
Can you geddit up?'
by rudegirl19 July 6, 2010
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a guy that is so drunk, he can't get an erection. apparently, its hard to get one when guys are too drunk or cross faded. if you're still not sure, ask some guys in a nearby fraternity.
Rihanna's song Rude Boy
listen to the lyrics:
"Come on rude boy, boy
Can you get it up
Come here rude boy, boy
Is you big enough"
by cthngy May 3, 2010
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Jamacian born gangstah. A greeting from one Jamacian to another.
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
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Kids (boys or girls) who follow the 2-tone subculture of Ska which emerged in the 1970s to promote equality and exceptance

see also Ska
Look at thoes Rude Boys in the skank pit
by Pat June 8, 2004
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