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Ruda is a guy who his caring and has an essence that can make anyone feel better. he has an amazing body that can make any girl drool. he will listen to you even when you are talking about nothing. he understands your thoughts and give you honest feed back on any opinion you may have. Ruda is a girls night in shining armor. He will sweep you off of your feet from the moment he looks in your direction. He will be there for you thru it all. if you find a Ruda, which is rare, you will cherish having them in your life.
"Who is Ruda?"
"What does Ruda even mean?"
by Anonymous2478 November 23, 2012
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1. Rude, ugly, old woman.
2. Judas's son.

1. Your wrinkly mother is a rudas!
2. And God said unto Judas: You will bear a son, and his name shall be Rudas (Judas, 3:11.)
by Pippinzz January 01, 2006
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A small white male who believes he is the blackest Gangsta around. Usually attempts to dance and sing along with rap songs.
That guy at the club was a total Ruda!
by Kevin Wilhelm September 12, 2006
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