a gay british male who gets zero action in real life so he dates people online, typically on games such as roblox and minecraft. he gets very emotional at times and likes to express that, which you think is a manly thing to do, but he’s really just looking for attention from his peers. he also enjoys to bully people younger then him because he’s a little bitch with no balls to stand up for himself to others his age or older.
Girl: That guy Ruben is such a prick.
Guy: I know right, what a bitchy asshole!
by pussyslayer2910 August 23, 2018
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Genuinely the greatest guy out there. If you have him in your life, consider yourself one of luckiest people in the universe. He will always have your back and will help you through your troubles. Always has a word of wisdom to spare. Very, very sensitive but that only shows how much he cares for things/people. Has a huge heart of gold, we honestly don’t deserve him. If he was an animal it would be a puppy because both are equally cute. When he is not beating himself down because of his insecurities, he irradiates pure energy and good vibes and everybody’s mood just lights up. Fantastic music taste and great moves on the dance floor. He is the life of the party. Funny as hell, he loves a good joke. Smol bean but will fight you if you push his buttons, so just don’t do it. Worthy of much more than what has been given to him through is lifetime but the future is bright so he just has to hold tight.
Have you met Ruben?? He’s incredibly awesome
by DaisyDanvers September 07, 2018
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Another name of the anime called "Kimi no Nawa or Your Name"
Person1: Do you like Ruben?

Person2: Yeah!

Person1: Ruben just fuck Mitsuha like nothing happens
via giphy
by Hmm..... April 19, 2020
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Ruben is the perfect person in this world. He is cute, handsome, muscular, tall and the perfect guy. He has an Huge penis usually about 7 to 8 iches. Nothing can bother Ruben in this world everything is perfect.
Ruben is just perfekt
Ruben is life

Ruben is everything
by Nitsjo January 30, 2019
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People named Ruben are Proven to stop growing at about 4 feet and 11 inches and usually like to play basketball
Damn that kid Ruben is shrinking

(Person 2)Yeah I know he stoped growing at 11 years old
That sucks
by UrbanDictionaryScientists April 12, 2020
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Ruben is a kind caring and sweet person who is very quiet and timid he is such a great friend
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