(n.) Fees paid to a copyright owner for use of thier material.
That guy demands 10% of the turnover in royalties to use his shitty music.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
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1. Holding the power, status, and authority of a monarch: a hereditary leader of a country.

2. Of or relating to people of royal rank and their families, collectively.

3. Informally used to describe entertainers whose offspring at least try to follow in their parents' footsteps; some succeed and some don't, but this "royalty" is merely entertainment and they generally bear little political power outside of voicing their own opinions.
Many nobles across the land were related by blood or marriage to royalty... and many of them wanted the crown, ready to walk over anybody to capture it.

Many peasant women cunningly sought flings with the king, establishing a link with royalty through their children... and very well could have kept the royal family healthier by giving them a more diverse genepool.

Liza Minnelli, Janet Jackson, Moon Unit Zappa, Drew Barrymore, and Miley Cyrus are a few members of entertainment royalty.
by Lorelili January 17, 2011
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A girl who is loyal, pretty, and confident. She bad too. She won't play with your heart unless you play with hers. She's not scared to slap the hell out of someone if they come at her. When she gets comfortable with you she will show you her real self, get more playful, not scared to tell you things etc. She Definantly a freak in a relationship. She not gonna chase after you. If you do something dumb she'll give you a chance but the second time you fuck up she's not scared to leave you. She a big crybaby though.
That girl confident!
Yea her name probably royalty.
by AllMines April 9, 2018
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A girl who is loyal,loving, won't play with your heart. And needs alot of attention and affection
I see you got a Royalty.!
by Danele April 5, 2017
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Children of a famous popstar, rock musician, movie star, etc. Never used nowadays for real royal families, who are "monarchy". Often have strange "rock royalty" or "Hollywood royalty" names handed out by drug-crazed parents shortly after the (Caesarian) birth. Usually chronically over-indulged, leading to severely disordered personalities in later life that have to be "recovered" from.
Moon Unit Zappa, Liv Tyler. ("rock royalty").
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Fonda. ("Hollywood royalty").
by James William June 1, 2005
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A bunch of over-rated pricks who have destroyed freedom from the common man. Also claiming to be above the general population over false claim.
We do not need royalty in our lives.
by One soul March 22, 2015
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The only Royalti. The First Born Royalti, She Conceited, All About A bag, She Educated, And independent, She doesn’t care what nobody say she like doing her, she’s a rapper “1ROYALTI” & She always tell people she the first when she hear her name thanks to Chris Brown 🤦🏾 ♀️ He named his so called daughter “royalty” which is funny because “1ROYALTI” is the first.
Him: “Damn i ain’t know shawty bahd real name was “royalti”?
Him: “yeah it’s on her birth certificate.

Ex: Everybody loves the girl name “royalti” so everybody momma steal it and make it there daughter name. SMH
by they knohername September 21, 2018
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