originated from Feeser, as in the last name. It can refer to many things such as having gingivitis, or simply doing something stupid, or being an idiot.
"That was so fees."
by ab0vesuspici0n February 19, 2004
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Invented in prison, a "Fee Fee" towel folded twice with the open end of a rubber glove sticking out. After being rolled, the end of the glove is then stretched over the top. Then it is finished by pulling a sock over the opposing end to hold the glove in place. Can then be ran under warm water or placed in between mattresses to create a "real life" effect.
Joey was sent to prison, after not having relations with a woman for some time, his cell mate made him a Fee Fee.
by Loafenator February 25, 2009
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shes an amazing, gorgeous, beautiful and kind girl. shes also a device for finding legos in the dark. shes really fun to talk to and shes also that type of person who would come over at 4 in the morrning to get you food. you can count yourself happy if you have a Fei fan as a friend. she cares for animals and other people but especially for her friends. Angels are jealous of her kindness.
Darian: wheres fee fee at?
Kai: shes right there!

Everyone: fee is sooooo flat
Feef: yes i know :)
by Good looking dude September 07, 2021
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a device used by men for masterbating. usual made with socks, towles and gloves or a condom
tank in cell block 4 is the best fee fee maker in all lock down kid !
by stoph March 01, 2004
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