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An all around life adonis. Some say they came down from the heavens to make regular peoples lives more meaningful and entertaining. They often contain extremely important life skills such as being extremely gifted at beer pong, shaving their dominant facial hair and dishing out high fives for no decent reason. Other human beings sometimes attempt to be as successful in life as Rowlands but pale in comparison eg: Everyone. Rowlands are rare to find but easy to point out as they are often coated in a thick layer of awesomeness.
Agatha: "Oh my, that man is extremely handsome and good at everything important"
Gareth: "I agree, he must be a Rowland "
by treatstorquay September 03, 2012
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The man/woman who full sends the shit out of anything. He is usually the type of person to make everyone laugh and never have an ending point. Rowland is a name that means they are and outgoing person and is always at the top.
Nice one Rowland”
“There goes Rowland”
by kasooeeksnaiosdn April 15, 2019
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A disgusting and vile creature. Rowlands tend to be diminutive, but with a gigantic wenis. Stay away from these foul monsters. See also Flounder and Mohan and Carlos.
by Shmaximus April 28, 2006
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a person who cannot speak without riddling. Frequently forming sentences that appear to not make sense. throwing words in a random oder, for the listener to try and put together in a way that makes sense.

Usually found in the strip clubs of The West Midlands (UK) , mumbling non-sensical sentences and vybing out to Celine Dion.
That guy makes no sense, he's gone the Full 'Rowland'
by Hy6781 August 24, 2017
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Someone who is a common FIFA Bitch. Usually gets embarrassed in his own house by Windell.
Damn man you are playing like Rowland.
by Zwindell February 23, 2015
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