A term refering to "Around the world". The only difference is the spelling. The origin of this alternative spelling came from people too lazy to say the "A" in "around".

Around the world means to engage in oral, vaginal, and anal sex in any order during the course of intercourse.
She's such a ho'. She went 'round the world with Phil on the first date.
by Michael O. November 21, 2004
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When a man is laying on his back while a woman is positioned on his penis, and the woman spins around like a top, without breaking genital contact with the man.

Also, referenced in the book "Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk.
Greg: "So... did you do it with Tina last night?"
Eugenio: "Hell yes, and she went 'round the world."
by Eugenio Formaggio January 19, 2009
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when your dick is so long it wraps around your waist.
Jeff: Hey Mark I heard you were packin an around the world.
Mark: Yeah man.
by ShlongMaster42069Mt.Dew March 10, 2022
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The task of shagging a girl from as many different countries as possible, ideally all of them! 1 point for 1 country, doing them in their own country counts as 2 points, 3 points if they don't speak the same language. Paying for it doesn't count
I had an awesome summer backpacking, I managed to cross all of Europe off the Round the World Challenge.

North America is the easiest place on the Round the World Challenge, next on my list is South America
by Pablo Smashitini October 21, 2009
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The bitch slap that Stephen hit Irene on the Real World Seattle.
Hey man, you remember when Stephen slapped the sh*t out of Irene on the Real World?
Yeh! That was the Bitch Slap Heard 'Round the World!
by scoonani March 4, 2006
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a) spontaneously doing things and trying to accomplish big projects without having though them through comme du monde

b) going on unplanned, retargerous (to most rational people), harebrained adventures
i don't want my kids travelling 'round the world like gypsies and pirates; i want them to grow up pragmatic and rational people.
by Sexydimma January 4, 2015
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