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The best mob on the habbo floor as of now banishing both Siciliano and Valore in less than a month of being a thing. Roselli is yet to be hit and will remain unbeaten. Roselli has no challenge what so ever in its way now and will be going back to its old ways of recruiting until someone steps up and has the audacity to try to dethrone Roselli and King Aaron ( BGNT, VZRF)
Stu: oh fuck here comes Roselli and King Aaron
Kam: again? oh fuck run!!
by Roselli Fan boy February 20, 2018
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A flaming homosexual that has a bowl-cut and shaves off his eyebrows claiming it was an accident. Mentally challenged beyond belief yet swears they are an athlete. (usually a want to be running back)
Billy Wolf: yo bro what happened to ur eyebrows
Eddy Wolf: My razor fell off my bathroom sink and shaved it off.
Billy: Typical roselli
by Sexywildabeast August 05, 2009
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