A rope of beads used by Catholics to honor Mother Mary mother of Jesus Christ.
When she was kneeling by the Altar she was praying the rosary.
by ThePopeisCool May 22, 2020
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An all girls school in Anaheim, California. Also synonymous for "school filled with hoes." Skirts there have a tendency to be the size of a belt. They also contribute to deforestation with the ten million pounds of make-up used. Also, girls from Rosary tend to be cliquish. More than one girl has been bullied out of the school. They are most definitely considered to be not awesome.
That girl had her skirt hiked up so high you could see her ass. Must have been from Rosary.

Rosary is filled with slutty girls!
by catholicschoolsurvivor77 October 21, 2009
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A pearl necklace given by a priest of a catholic church, usually given to a young alter boy unsuspectingly.

I was jerking off my priest and he gave me a rosary (or pearl necklace) as a parting gift.
by Purity82 July 7, 2006
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A string of beads used for counting the number of prayers one has said.
The rosary was held inbetween her hands as she talked to god.
by Morgan T. April 25, 2006
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A girl with high class, goergous, stunning, beautiful face, curvy body. She is a wife materiel that thinks of the people she loves before thinking about herself.
you are so rosary!
by Economical December 29, 2011
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Old girls school that is full of liars, two-faced b*tches and many weird creatures
Welcome to the zoo of rosary school
by A student with bad luck April 9, 2017
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