When someone is a whore and you don’t like them Or something you don’t like.
You:ew theirs Alexa that ronchy whore

People:she’s so Ronchy

Me:Fish is Ronchy
by Ahmya the crackie November 2, 2019
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( RON - CHEE )

A word used to describe something disgusting towards a smell, action, story, and even injury.
"Yo man that stink is F#$%ing Ronchy. What in the hell did you have for breakfast?"

"Check out that Ronchy stain on that guys shirt"

" What a Ronchy wipe-out!"
by TallerThanYou June 11, 2013
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ronchy see skanky...basicly some really nasty-ass stuff.Makes ya wana ralf
o god that cribs ronchy
dude that skank was sooo ronchy
by patty-kake July 6, 2004
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"im a little ronchy, i havent showered since thursday"
-"that guy is hot"
-"he's ronchy, got mad stds"
by manic mel May 28, 2006
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a poor spelling of the word RAUNCHY!

- something foul
the word is RAUNCHY, not ronchy.... got it?
by emptyfox April 3, 2008
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when one passes gas in the shower and is suprised by its strenth and agility
wow mom did you fart in the shower?


thats ronchie.
by jackjo July 10, 2008
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A disturbingly sexual thing that wasn't wanted to be known
"Bob: your mom is having sex with ur dad right now!
by Dereksogreat June 1, 2006
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