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1) A child's toy which originated in Australia. They were plastic cups that you strapped to the bottom of your shoes, then walked around in and made annoying clacking sounds.

2) A nickname applied to platform boots (after the toy), which became popular with Australian skinhead culture in the 1970's into the 1980's.

3) A nickname applied to Australian skinheads, which referenced the platform boots many of them liked to wear.

4) The title of a 1992 movie about Australian skinhead culture and its destructiveness.
1) Take those damn romper stompers away from your kid, that sound is annoying, I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more!

2) I got my girlfriend a pair of romper stompers for her birthday.

3) Get the bouncers to kick those romper stompers out of the club before they start a fight and kill someone.

4) Australian actor Daniel Pollock killed himself shortly after filming Romper Stomper by jumping in front of a train.
by Pewps August 03, 2008
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a movie, and lifestyle where russel crowe shows the entire would that he doesnt take shit from nobody. he kicks every pussy's ass in that shit and doesnt give 2 squirts of piss if theyre his best friend.
lets go romper stomp that rival gang:)
by dont swear.....i swear June 05, 2005
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1.Australian mutation of a neo nazi who wonders around with a skinhead hair cut and dresses like a punk(circa 1980), basically a racist loser.
1.Russell crowe played an aussie nazi in the movie 'romper stomper'?
by S@m P November 11, 2004
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