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A town in Chicagoland, known most likely for the name, considering nothing of importance ever happens in Romeoville. Unlike most definitions Romeoville is more Northern than most towns in northern Illinois, despite a lack of interest. Romeoville tends to attract "Poser gangsters" mostly since no shootings ever happen yet people say they're hardcore a lot then turn Souljah Boy on. Romeoville is a nice town mostly but parts are subjected to the ingredients that create a "ghetto" thus some areas tend to look more run down, but it's not as bad as it seems.
Joe: Hey wanna go to Romeoville for some good country type folk?
Ryan: Why..? Why not go to the south?
Joe: Because I read UrbanDictionary on Romeoville!
Ryan: Yeah well I live there, so shut up.
by RomeovilleVillager March 16, 2009
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A town of 40,000 people located 35 miles Southwest of Chicago.
It contains mostly single family housing, with some townhomes and apartments.
Romeoville is devoid of any trailer parks.
Romeoville residents fought with the North during the Civil War just like Kentucky did and thus has no confederate flags.
by Balllll July 10, 2006
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A small kentucky trailer park thrown into Illinois by a tornado. This town has unexplainable amounts of radiation and arsenic in the water supply. This causes people to speak with a southern drawl even they are in Northern Illinois.
"Man, I've never seen seen so many confederate flags in Northern Illinois."

I must be in Romeoville.
by Dr. Konz June 23, 2006
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A town that's a southwest suburb of Chicago.
It's about 45 minutes away.

It's not as bad as people on here say it is, so ignore them. They're stupid.

It's safe. Some areas that others say are "ghetto" are just stupid teenagers acting stupid but by their house and most likely they already graduated or about too.
Also, they (the people on here)have obviously never seen the ghetto and don't know what one looks like because Romeoville is not one.

It's a nice town that I like :)
girl: where do you live?
guy: Romeoville.
by yomomma12345678910 November 09, 2011
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A piece of junk town with inbread locals that enjoy talking about the "good times" of High School, despite the fact that they have never moved on with their lives, and thus remain in said shit town with their sisters, who are their wives, along with their cockeyed children.
"Oh man, ya remember when I almost made that touchdown in that game back in '97 when it was Romeoville VS Bolingbrook?? We almost actually socred points because of me!!"
by Unanimous64 July 18, 2008
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Romeoville is a town in Illinois that is basically one big trailer park. Majority of the homes look like trailers and many fly the confederate flag proudly. There are also a good number of wanna be gangsters though. Despite the lack of anything to do, the people there are pretty nice.
Person 1: Where the fuck is Romeoville?
Person 2: Who knows.
by broooorb March 15, 2019
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A town on the outside of chicago, like an hour away.
Some people say we try acting "ghetto" and that theres never shooting. but really everywere in the world they are shootings. and many people actually act like theyre own race here.
Its a pretty safe place to live. Gangs are sometimes affiliated over here but other than that its a good place to live. i like it here in romeoville
Girl 1- You try to act ghetto kus yur from romeoville.

Girl 2- why does it matter were i live ? were all humans ,and atleast im not getting shot at or jumped every 5minutes.
by DRAKE! <3 December 15, 2010
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