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Having sex (regular or receiving oral) while passing a kidney stone in hopes that it will pass when you ejaculate.
Phil: How goes the renal calculi this morning, bro?

Doug: I may have passed that fucker. I was romancing the stone last night with that whore Nicole, and when I busted a nut, it was all bloody and gooey. Probably lodged like a stalagtite up there against her uterus.

Phil: I found my car keys up there once....
by blenderhead91 April 25, 2010
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romancing the stone

1) Masturbating

romancing the stone, never leaving your poor heart alone, every night and every day…

for years Beating it off has been called a number of things, but we are going back to 1984 in this bitch!
Jeff: hay motha fucka! The club was sick last night, too much Booty Meat

Dave: mah my nigga, woomp woomp booty and mad thick Whooty, howd you do?

Jeff: caught a Skank on my Fly, Nice nice on my hang down yo! You?

Dave: na took a lot of Digi vids and went home to Romance the Stone

Bill: heading to the strip club you comin

Joe: i'll be cumin but cumin here, tonight i'm Romancing the Stone
by Cosmic Pope August 07, 2011
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