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Having sex (regular or receiving oral) while passing a kidney stone in hopes that it will pass when you ejaculate.
Phil: How goes the renal calculi this morning, bro?

Doug: I may have passed that fucker. I was romancing the stone last night with that whore Nicole, and when I busted a nut, it was all bloody and gooey. Probably lodged like a stalagtite up there against her uterus.

Phil: I found my car keys up there once....
by blenderhead91 April 25, 2010
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romancing the stone

1) Masturbating

romancing the stone, never leaving your poor heart alone, every night and every day…

for years Beating it off has been called a number of things, but we are going back to 1984 in this bitch!
Jeff: hay motha fucka! The club was sick last night, too much Booty Meat

Dave: mah my nigga, woomp woomp booty and mad thick Whooty, howd you do?

Jeff: caught a Skank on my Fly, Nice nice on my hang down yo! You?

Dave: na took a lot of Digi vids and went home to Romance the Stone

Bill: heading to the strip club you comin

Joe: i'll be cumin but cumin here, tonight i'm Romancing the Stone
by Cosmic Pope August 07, 2011
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When addicts try to justify their continued drug habit by emphasizing the highs but ignoring the destruction.
Janie got wasted, blew all the grocery money, pissed her pants and got thrown in custody but when she told me she was all roses, talk about romancing the stone.
by Telmea Story December 16, 2018
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