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Noun: a manner of shaking hands peculiar to ancient Rome, in which the parties grasp each others right wrist.
"The Roman handshake was the accepted practice of greeting among gentlemen in the Western world from the beginning of the 1st century BC until the end of the 5th century AD."
by speedog April 30, 2010
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When a man shoves their arm into another man's ass and grabs their prostate.
Dan kept asking me if I wanted a roman handshake.

That's gross.
by WhoWillSurviveInAmerica March 29, 2011
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A custom during the reign of Caligula as Roman Emperor. When meeting a friend, whoever was ranked lower had to bend over and the higher ranked would fist-bump the end of the other person's larger intestine (colon). Very popular among the higher ranks.

Popular today among young men and fans of the movie Caligula
Gaius: Hey Longinus
Longinus: Oh... hey
Gaius: You know the drill, bend over.
Longinus: Do I have to?
Gaius: What?? You are refusing to shake the hand of your superior???
Longinus: No....
Gaius: There, was that so hard?
Longinus: : |
Gaius: Well, you know thats how we Romans shake hands. A "Roman Handshake" if you will
by CircleGuy February 07, 2011
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