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A name given to Ground Forward Air Controllers (FAC} by their officers. It is meant to segregate their true mission from those of the Air FAC. ROMAD's are the true Liaison’s between the US Army and the US Air Force.

After Viet Nam, LtCol. Neil Gruver invented the acronym ROMAD. This name left a very foul taste in those of us who did the work, getting Air Strikes on Target in the South East Asia War Games.
If you can't do it yourself call a ROMAD.
by Paul Trombetta February 05, 2008
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Slang term describing a group of USAF airmen that were tricked into a job no one else wanted to do.

The USAF is on the hook to supply ground personnel to the US Army in regard to Close Air Support (CAS) operations. No pussy USAF officer (pilot) ever wanted to do this job, although they were tasked with it. Said pussies found a way to have less intelligent USAF officers (Navigators or worse, Weapons officers) do the job for them (see the adventures of Huckleberry Finn).

These witless officers needed enlisted men to do the real work (carrying radios and actually operating said radios). This is were our poor ROMADS come in (Radio Operator Maintainer And Driver; some say it’s Rough On Mothers And Daughters, although I don’t deny the latter being the case its not the official story). These enlisted guys proved to be pretty smart operators and eventually leaned how to control air strikes much better than the USAF officers that were originally sent to do the job. The USAF officers quickly figured out that this was actually dangerous work and soon the ROMAD’s were running the show down where the shooting actually happens. The USAF enlisted men called ROMAD’s rarely get recognition and get a hell of a lot done. Now ladies, get down the ROMAD barracks at Hurlburt Field Florida and show those men you care!
FSO: Yo Air Force, I need you to melt down that enemy tank!
by Falcon33 February 10, 2006
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May be confused with but is definately not the same as a combat controller. Combat controllers drop humanitarian aids from planes. Romads drop bombs from planes.
Romad: Example of a convo between a Combat Controller and a Young Girl
Young girl- "So what do you do in the airforce?"
CCT - "I control airstrikes. You know, drop bombs on bad guys! Pretty cool huh?"
Young girl - "Oh yeah? that's soooo cool! I just hung out with 3 other guys last night that do the same thing. Except they had black berets and not red like you."
CCT - "Oh really? well they don't drop bombs, they lied! I mean, they don't do anything!"
Young girl - "Well they did show me a good time last night... all 3 of them. But to me it sure looked like they were dropping bombs.. all night long!" See ROMA-ho
by Romad(usaf) August 08, 2006
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Rude Obnoxious Mean Ass Drunks. Will hit on and fuck anything (pulse optional). Will start a fight with a dude that makes eye contact with them while drinking, but an hour later show his genitalia to his fellow ROMAD bretheren. Always the first to whine about not getting enuff attention then bitch about all the responsibility that goes with the attention they do get. BADGE HUNTER- a ROMAD that wants to go to all the cool military training schools to wear the little boy scout badges on their uniform but never perform their jobs, also see ROMAD..
A CCT/PJ washout is called a ROMAD.
by Dohn September 30, 2006
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