A term useed by a hoe or a prostitute when a man rolls his dick out.

(Also use as Rolled out)
Girl that man started rolling out on me last night he gave it to me good.
by aka E-CHUNKY July 26, 2006
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To be rendered completely useless by E. To be rolling very very hard.
"John was so rolled out he couldn't even walk to the car, we had to carry him."
by Dropp March 10, 2008
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Yo T-Murders acting a fool, dat niggaz been runnin his mouth since we got here. Let's roll out before shit goes down.
by Michael Welch December 31, 2005
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a slang term for "leave" or "exit" used by people usually in their "50-60s" because it reminds them of back in the day when they were cool. This term is not it chief.
Autobots! Roll out. - a five year old
Yo rad dudes with some bad tudes lets roll out of this joint bruh these kiddos lames.- 60 yr old man trying to be cool
by therealthottie696969 February 28, 2019
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