In England, southern England and London specifically, a “Roll Through” is when a group of people have been out partying the previous night, and are still going the next day.

They can usually be spotted around 10 am with a glint in their eye moving to the next location to party, often with a bottle of rum or a few cans of beers in their hand.
“Ah mate, me and Simon ended up rolling through Friday night after that drum and bass event. I didn’t get home till 6pm Sunday!” “Roll through

“Ah geeza, we had a fat sesh last weekend. Obviously ended up rolling through like a dickhead”
by Roll through boy May 20, 2021
As opposed to "come through" which means getting to a location by foot, bus, or getting a ride, "roll through" means to visit a location via automobile.
Example 1:

Person A- "We ran out of drinks. People are leaving the party"

Person B- "Jamal's gonna roll through well ask him to take us to the store."

Example 2-

"Ima roll through."
by westcoastin March 13, 2012
1. to be at attendance at an event
2. to visit a location
1. "Hey, are you going to roll through tonight's party?"

2. "I'm rolling through Philly tonight, can I crash at your place?"
by Sticky Icky January 23, 2006
This name used to describe those parking spaces which have an empty spot ahead of them, thus saving the driver from having to back out into the lane (if they don't normally back in).

This can be something spotted from far off, or more often it is a total surprise to find a "Ronnie Roll-Through".
Cliff and Bruce were circling the lot in their brown Ford Probe when they spotted a parking space. Pulling into it, happy to find a space they realized that it was a ronnie roll-through.
by Roan Pettifog November 18, 2010