A song or a tune. Anything music related.
Ay wey, me gusta esta “rola”.
by Dez97 October 14, 2019
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Is the hottest and the coolest and the smartest girl you'll ever see , he also likes to keep distances in jokes and she is worth respect . She will give you a lot of laughs when you hang out together . To win her heart you need to be romantic . She is not as crazy and strict as she seems but she is just over protective when it comes to her reputation
"Hey dude I want to date Rola what should I do ?"

" get her a flower or sing to her or maybe play the guitar she loves it "
by Ruulaa March 29, 2013
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Rola is a name. Its an arabic name.. i means perfumed flower or something like that..
Whats ya name gurl?

My names Rola.

oh cool that means flower, aight?
yeah thats right.
by Rola00 June 13, 2010
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Rola is always watching. The most powerful individual of all time. A super conservative who dislikes explicit songs. Also possesed by an intergalatic octopus. Hottest bitch out there. Cute laugh and in love with Cinnamoroll god of cinnamon rolls.


Rola is always watching.

-"We played cards against humanity and she got all wild".

-"Damn bro they must be such a Rola".
by supremegilf May 11, 2022
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Rola is a very tall Arabic girl. She has a heart the size of the universe.She will always try to protect her friends and will always care for them. She also loves TikToks. Her best friends are Ashley, Rahma, Sadia, Danielle, Marilyn and Lucas.
Rola is one of the best friends you’ll ever have.
by TikToklover November 23, 2019
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