Are there any black people in the Guild? Yeah we got rolas
by Nooose February 17, 2010
Most used in Brazil, it has the same meaning of "cocksucker".
Example: Seu chupa rola, vai tomar no cu! (Your cocksucker, go fuck yourself)
by cxxx88 August 22, 2015
Coke that is not the brand 'Coca Cola' tastes like toilet cleaner.
"Buy some of that 56p rola cola for the toilet"
by MALGORZATA November 16, 2017
an awesome alcoholic beverage consisting, Pesi or Coca Cola, Kool Aid Mix, and Vodka. Guaranteed to get you drunk and taste good. Best served with pretzels, fried chicken, or white castle.
Hey this party is boring as hell, lets make some Rola Cola!!!
by RooBs January 1, 2006
This is Bull Shit!
This is nonsense!
Fuck off!
Jornal de cu e rola!
Papagaio de cu e rola!
Documento de cu e rola!
Paciencia de cu e rola!
Trabalho de cu e rola!
Britney Spears de cu e rola!
by Segall April 29, 2006
Rola is perhaps one of the most envied girls. She is hot, smart, kind, and popular, and her friends cannot stand it. They will try to say she isn't good enough, call her names, and undermine her intelligence. They will try to rip apart anything she has. But Rola is strong and resilient, constantly rises above it all and always proves herself. Sometimes though, she shouldn't be so forgiving to people and learn to walk out when necessary. There are people out there who will love and respect her way better, exactly as she deserves. Rola is the type of girl a person falls in love with at first sight. She has gorgeous long hair, a radiant smile, and pretty round eyes. Rola will do great things in her life, and show those who told her that she couldn't that she indeed could succeed.
Person #1: Damnnn Rola so finee I wanna ask her out.
Person #2: Why?
Person #1: Cuz she hot
Person #2: Well you'll have to do a lot better explaining than that if you wanna win her heart.
by jujusnob January 1, 2023
Rola is best friends with zaman. Her and zaman skip class to smoke. They want to drink and smoke but won’t eat pork because it is haram. She dresses like a pink browny model. She has long light straight damaged hair that she damages with her flat iron she’s been using since 4th grade.
“Let’s go ditch class to smoke zaman
“Okay rola
by Bootycheecks96 May 4, 2022