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Awesome person that is funny,energetic and cool. Loves to be around people and has many friends...When you find one don't let her go because she's one of a kind and you won't find another.......usually broke since shopping is awesome ;D

Usually a polish name
"Omg! she's so Roksana she can't afford a hot dog"

"DUDE! shes hot she must be a Roksana"
by Roxypoxy April 05, 2009
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Roksana is an amazing person. She’s funny, talented, fierce, smart and energetic and is always there for her friends and family. But be careful, you don’t want to get on her bad side. Many say Roksana is a polish name or Greek one but it is also commonly used in the Middle East due to the similarity to the name Roxana. Roxana was the name of a Persian princess. The meaning of the name Roksana is “dawn” but can also mean “shining star”. The name is one of the rarest on Earth and only about 10000 people share this name.
“Roksana is way too smart. I can’t say I’m surprised she got an A for her project!”
by abi_alhaven May 01, 2018
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Definitely an art nerd. A bit pretentious, and probably considers themselves a rebel. Has concerning ideas and is probably into some weird shit in bed. A try hard.
"yikes, thats ambitious, roksana, maybe lower your expectations."

"oof, she's such a hipster artist, she must be a Roksana."
by tsarcasm June 04, 2018
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