When someone is remarkable at the action of getting it "popped" or being the "baddest b*****". It is also is used in conjunction with describing beauty or attractiveness. To be rojas you must be part of the highest echelon or coolness, and attractiveness. It can also be used in context when describing ones affinity for astrological signs or being very ticklish.
"damn you see that girl...shorty was ROJASSS!!! right there...go try to bag"
by Cue baby February 15, 2009
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The Act of grabbing ones genitals and shaking them uncontrollably at someone. Usually an unsuspecting Dialysis Technician...
Man you just got a Rojas
by Kermit_the_Animal August 15, 2010
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Rojae is a caring person who cares about everyone and everything, he is good at pleasing his partner in bed because he was blessed to have a huge penis sculpted by the goddess of romance and love
Rojae is the god off sex
by dr.jame howarrd the third January 2, 2019
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An amazing man that you will meet once in your life, and if you do then keep that memory forever, because you will never meet him again. He is kind, nice and cool and he loves football.
Simply the best 👏
Roja is Roja.
by Amijora March 14, 2022
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Also, a girl that doesn't breath when she laughs causing her face to go bright red, then purple.
by CaptainCrunch April 10, 2003
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