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Red pubes, red hair and 14 twin brothers riding together in a shitty Hyundi stationwagon are all characteristics of a Rohde. He can insult Zach Hoch with ease and he always has a way wif the ladies. Of course, he must mistake average interactions like being served food @ a restaurant as being girls' attempts to flirt wif him. Anywho, with his sexy asthma and arthritis in 72.5% of his joints he could bang any chick at The Jungle he wantswant to (but first he needs to stop working 12 hour days and have his mommy give him a ride). Also, he will let teachers take his lunch without complaint and he will jog his ass onto the f-ball field wif a water bottle to serve his team even though they cut his ass from JV. Rohde is derived from the Ancient Greek word "Roadhead" meaning "One Who Craves Feely's Cock"
Damn Rohde's rhymes are phat even though he doesn't write them and he lacks a tight rapping rhythm.
by Bojangles January 03, 2005
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1. A person who has fictitious girlfriends with male names.
2. Someone who takes pictures of themselves in the mirror with camera phone while shaving their balls/vj.
3. A male? who has women worldwide envious of breast size.
4. One who can't look you in the eyes while talking to you because everything they say is a lie.
5. A complete fuck up.
synonym spodicus
1. When Ryan recieved the rohde pictures, he almost threw up.
2. Did you see the rack on that rohde?
3. Dude, you totally rohded that shit.
by Jerrie Smith January 22, 2008
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