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(Uncle) Choof Choof - A nickname for someone who smokes a lot of reefer. Hence the abbreviation Cee Cee.
That choof box is nearly empty, Cee Cee's been smoking up a storm.
by gato slapper February 05, 2008
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another word used for ciggerette, usually used by minors trying to hide that they're using one.
wow i had such a long day at work, do you have a cee cee?
by JennyDarlingg October 22, 2007
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Ceecee is a bitch she wants attention on every different level she wants everyone at her house and she gets jealous over people who are better than her. She is a ugly whore who wants to make every girl in the grade mad and she likes boys who wont even think about dating her.
"Who is having a party tonight "
"Oh nevermind i hate that whore"
by Snps May 15, 2018
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