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The name given to Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)- the only man who looks prettier than your girlfriend when in drag- specifically for his appearance in the 1984 Queen music video 'I Want To Break Free'.
Search for 'Rogerina' on deviantART and see for yourself.
by Nope.jpg November 13, 2011
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Rogerina is the very pretty (prettier than you) female character out of the ‘I want to break free’ music video made by Queen (a band from the 60s,70s,80s) the drummer out of the band is called Roger Taylor and is the cutest pea in the world even look it up! No one can be prettier than Rogerina.
Woah Rogerina is so pretty in the ‘I want to break freemusic video dude I’m brining to question my life!
by Queen January 23, 2019
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Rogerina Taylor is the most beautiful person to step foot on earth. She is the only person who could always steal your mans (or womans). Rogerina is most known for her appearance in Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Freemusic video. Also known as Roger Taylor, but he is a different person obviously.
Girl: Who is she? 🥵
Boy: Who is she? 🥵
Anyone: Who is she? 🥵
(looking at Rogerina)
by softrog February 14, 2019
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The female version of Roger Taylor drummer of QUEEN she is most well known featured in "I want to break free"(IWTBF) And she is one of the prettiest girls on the internet
"Rogerina is so pretty"
"I know right"
by E-The-Abro-sexual-Gender-Fluid November 30, 2019
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Rogerina (pronounced the most gorgeous drag queen in the world) is a character played in the video of the song « I want to break free » by queen. Rogerina became an internet legend, and you cannot do anything about it 😂🥰
Rogerina is hot as hell🥵
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by Rogerina the queen❤️ July 02, 2020
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