A cocky jerk that plays games! Doesn't think of others feelings and is out to fulfill his own desires. Talks a good game as long as it benefits him. Thinks he is gods gift to women. Caring one minute , then a coward the next! Unable to feel or express them. Thinks he is good at lying then makes excuses when caught. Unable to express himself and no care to do so! Has to rule and likes to intimidate others! Fake, a fraud, and not manly at all! Intimidates easily and makes stupid mistakes. Lacks trust and is selfcentered. Can't admit he was wrong and won't forgive if u were. Don't know how to say sorry, because he doesn't know he's a jerk! Give it then takes it away! Coward, fraud and fake!
Rock, rocky, rocket, ro
by Regretingsomuch November 27, 2013
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A real childish person
Enjoys adding people then deleting them
Rocky: I'm mint at fifa/halo/every game ever
Us ten minutes later: rocky u down at the bottom of the leaderboard
Rocky: Fuck you! It's my prerogative
by allthegang November 18, 2012
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The cutest, smartest, little Barona Indian ever born. When you see him all you want to do is squeeze and kiss him. He's the best damn kid you'd ever meet; so cool you'd wish he was yours.
Man, I wish Rocky was my son.
by damama March 05, 2007
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A heartless creature hardly more than a man who has no appreciation for the things that are right in front of him. Has difficulty opening and closing Oreos without assistance.
You already ate all the Oreos, you Rocky
by Eaglekiller November 09, 2003
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