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A person from the greater Rockledge/Fox Chase area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Appears to be very friendly; however, only seeks friends for his/her popularity. Will often seek a career in boxing or politics. Die hard Republican. Has many tattoos and smokes cigarettes. Wears Polo collared-shirts and Nike Air Force Ones. Has a buzz-cut with a fade on each side. Will never leave the Rockledge/Fox Chase area.
"When I get pulled over by the cops, they see that I am from Rockledge and immediately let me go."

"I just got a new leg tattoo of a dragon. It looks pretty sick."

"Anyone have a pack of Marlboro's that I can smoke?"

"Every neighborhood in Philadelphia will be black in 10 years, unless us Rockheads have anything to say about it!"
by Howard Ethel July 02, 2012
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A crack head or someone who smokes crack.
Crack looks a lot like a small rock.
Yea man the rock head o.d over there but lived
by n333m September 07, 2005
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Some one who will do anything for crack, including sucking dick and steling cheesburgers then tring to sell them.
Look at that rock head sucking dick for a dollar.
by woogie May 27, 2003
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An male idiot; one possesing no knowledge of how to treat a woman or what a woman wants. A waste of space.
Ashley: I'm sick of dating nothing but rock heads!
Natty: We need to find us some real men.
by natty & ashley April 02, 2007
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Someone who is dumb and/or does stupid things.

You might also say they have rocks for brains or they are as dumb as a rock.
Someone says something ignorant or totally speaks without thinking.

You might respond by calling them rockhead or rockbox.
by RockBox June 21, 2007
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Rockhead is a term used for someone who listens to rock music and is not understood by people who dont know the.
by Mike October 26, 2004
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