Fox Chase is where the best people you will ever meet are raised. We are the life of the parties no matter where they are. People from other neighborhoods like to talk shit on us but they don’t know us. We aren’t pussies and we rumble anytime. It’s the best neighborhood to be in and it’s over any other neighborhood. FC1 raised mofo.
Mayfair loser: wyd tn?
Fox Chase nigga: getting turnt at the rec.
Mayfair loser: oh imma just hide in the woods and drink.
by Philly_mofo April 1, 2019
Foxchase is singlehandedly the toughest neighborhood in all of philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. home to the notorious R&V gang which stands for Rhawn & Verree, a busy intersection in the neighborhood. Also a dangerous place to be after dark.
LC Boul1: yoo dude you goin to the Fox Chase keg tonight?

LC boul2: hells to the no man. thats badlands, my boy luke just got wrecked by some FC boul.

LC boul1: yeah good idea. lets just hangout at pal and have gay sex
by Da Boul FCHOODRAT September 19, 2008
Located in Northeast Philly, Fox chase is without a doubt, the best neighborhood there is. Fuck all the other corny ass neighborhoods, Foxchase is where A1 niggas are made. Those kids in fox chase are good ass looking people, and its no wonder everyone is jealous of them. Kids that live in fc have probably drank their first natty in the 6th grade, and still put them back to this day, whether it be at bluewater, ropeswing, or the rec. You wild if you say that Foxchase doesn't steady blow the fuck up, because every already know those kids in foxchase are getting LIT. Every kid wishes they grew up in foxchase.
"Dang, he grew up in fox chase? No wonder he destroyed that small Mayfair dork in a tea-off."
by foxchase1 November 18, 2016
Is the the gayest place in philly. you know your a pussy if you live in fox chase, and hang out at the rec till your 30 and try and act black when your white. fox chase kids get rocked by lc kids on the daily
fcbitchboul: yo lets go drink at fox chase rec and act hood
fcrechead30:yah lets go drink with the 12 yr old girls
by Fc rec Rat January 3, 2009
wigger ass kids that think they own parkwood but clearly parkwood runs that shit. so fc gets can get fucked by parkwoods big dick. PDUB ALL DAY MUTHAFUCKA
Ted: oh john lives in fox chase?
Tara: yeah whats the big deal?
Ted: clearly hes a bitch ass wigger
by dwayze April 22, 2011
Gay as fuck ass neighborhood filled with fags that think they’re hard asf cuz they technically live in Philadelphia
Yo those fox chase kids are total faggots
by ripnipsey April 1, 2019