(n) The hardest fucking thing imaginable. It's combining Rocket Science and Brain Surgery. Be careful while doing it.
Person 1: "Hey, could you help me with striking this Fresnel?"
Person 2: "Dude that looks like Rocket Surgery to me, hard pass."
by The7thComrade May 17, 2019
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A mixed metaphor describing a non-existent, yet implicitly high level of qualification. The greatness of this term is in its subtle ability to call someone stupid twice in one euphemism. The irony may go over someone's head and they would call out that this field of study doesn't exist.
A: Come on, it's not rocket surgery.
B: Are you fuckin retarded? There is no rocket surgery. Anyway, this is hard. I don't want to fuck up.
A: No dude, you're retarded. Just match the colors so I can jump start your car, dipshit.
by Johnny RS July 23, 2010
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(n.) play on words using rocket science and brain surgery; in science fiction modification and repairs on organism(s) capable of and utilized for interstellar travel; a highly complex endeavor.
by EmmittBrownBTTF1 October 10, 2020
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A word dumbasses use, in confusion with rocket science and brain surgery, when trying to insult someone else for not being able to perform a brainless task.
"Explaining this to you is like trying to explain rocket surgery to a retard!" "It's rocket science, you idiot."

"It's not rocket surgery!" "Of course it isn't, because that doesn't exist, moron!"
by Stewartalart October 9, 2011
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(n.) a play on words which mixes two common metaphors: "rocket science" and "brain surgery"
A line in a hilarious Chris Rock comedy act states that one shouldn't eat green meat. No kidding. It doesn't take a degree in rocket surgery to figure out something like that! ;oD
by fugitive247 November 8, 2004
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When you think that something is simple and very easy to understand but you're not very competent as a human yourself at the moment.

A good example of a Malaphor (where two idioms combine to make a confusing saying that doesnt sound quite right)
Person1: "I can't believe you don't understand this. It's not rocket surgery!"

Person2: "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"
by gayyyyyyyysex November 11, 2017
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