A girl who you should fall in love with. Good at cuddles and lover of movies. Most memorable kissers. Rochelle's are caring and considerate. They are smart too. Rochelle's enjoy it when they are called by a nickname. 'Babe' or 'Baby' for example. With the right treatment, Rochelle's are appreciative and will repay you with their mouth. Although Rochelle's come across as strong and independent, deep down they are sometimes hurt and require a lot of loving and cuddles. Rochelle's are noticable for their lovely, round, peachy bums and their lack of alcohol tolerence. When a Rochelle is mixed with alcohol, she produces a slut.
Girl: "I had one drink and turned into a total whore last night"
Girl 2: "You pulled a Rochelle"

Boy: "You kiss like a Rochelle"
Girl: "THANKS!"
by P0UTINE September 26, 2012
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crazy, beautiful, nice, smart,pretty, awesome, lover of shane dawson. i mean what else can i say life is ok and i don't take crap from anyone , even my own parents. i can be a good person inside and out. i love it when i reach my goals. Peace out bitches!!!
Rochelle's are great people inside and out
by music1234567 April 03, 2013
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Rochelle is only nice to people who are nice to her and doesn’t take shit from anybody. She respects only who she needs to, and is a jackass to anyone who double-crosses her and her friends. If she catches you dissing her friends she will personally take it that she thrashes your ass. If you talk trash about her behind her back, she will throw it back into your face. She’s not afraid to speak whats on her mind and can immediately tell your a good person. She treasures her friends and would never forgive herself if something happened to one of them. She loves Anime and acting like an idiot when she is around her friends but is more cultered when around her family, teachers, and people she barely knows. She is a badass and what some people consider to be a tsundere. She doesn’t let just anyone into her heart from fear of being hurt, so if she trusts you don’t make her regret it, and don’t cheat her or she will make your life a living hell and you will never be able to regain her trust.
Boy: Hey who is that girl defending her friends from the school bully?
Girl: I think it’s Rochelle.
Girl 2: Of couse. She’s a Rochelle.
by RVH July 12, 2018
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A "Rochelle" is an individual of who's enigmatic and charismatic personality is extremely alluring and captivating and people just cannot seem to get enough of her whether they are friend or foe.
A "Rochelle" will always generate attention. When she walks into a room the atmosphere is electric. People are mesmerised. Addicted. Rochelle's also attract the attention of people of who feel threatened by Rochelle's confidence and intelligence. These people are poisoned with envy, constantly compare their substandard inadequacies and inabilities against Rochelle's naturally developed skills and refined abilities. These comparisons or inferiorities surface causing more damage and dysfunction to their unstable mental and emotional well beings. In some parts of Western Australia people like this can be described as sub class as they most likely suffer from severe self pitying depressions or they have an extreme personality disorder where deception and lying becomes obsessively compulsive. Medical Scientists seem to think that it is possible that the Mothers of the above mentally inept individuals rejected them as children willingly because they could forsee the development later on of such mental defects and were embarrassed and ashamed of their mentally "incomplete" creations.
A "Rochelle" Mother is always proud of her daughter because Rochelle's do not have any mental defects. Rochelle's are a cut above the rest and they play games very well.
Rochelle spoke to your boyfriend last week on Facebook about his trip to Germany after he messaged her with a "hello".

Rochelle made him laugh but she did not mention anything discussed about you.
by TippityTopCunt May 21, 2015
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A real sex kitten, loves milk and is easily entertained.. So beautiful it's almost unfair
by Kitten lover May 20, 2015
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A Rochelle is a very nice, smart girl that says "nah uh" a little too much, but it's okay. She is always there when you need her and will ask you if the seat is taken. She is a Starbucks girl and does not have time for people that will waste her time.
her: is this seat taken.

her #2: no, you must be a Rochelle.

her: yes, I am.
by Pancrasia August 24, 2017
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The type of woman that makes all other women seem petty. She's a lady of grace and style; virtue and poise. One of those rare persons who actually pays attention to your life. She'll remember something you said or did months ago and surprise you. Every moment spent with her is memorable and makes you long for the next time you see her. She'll make you laugh, support you and give you love, but most of all she'll make you a better man.
"I think she's the one, she's definitely a Rochelle."
by unicorninlove June 10, 2014
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