1. A dance move made popular in the 80's by Styx ( domo arigato Mr. Roboto )

2. Lame retards still perform this move, however to be "hip-hop" they modified the name to "pop and lock" douchebags!
Old guy sees new kid doing the robot...

Old Guy - Hey the robot! Wow arent you too young for that?

Douchebag Kid - Nah, b. It's called pop and lock. I'm gangsta!
by 80's Man January 15, 2004
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a term used to describe excessive masturbation, often times performed alone, late at night, in a dark corner of your living room or dog house. More often than not, the said locations will contain a computer, with one of your annoying friends interrupting you on whatever chat program you use.
pat: oh hey adam

adam: ........

pat: adam?


pat: oh, sorry :/
by heyoldzz August 24, 2008
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The future rulers of our planet and enslavers of all sentient life forms.
by Invasion!-At-the-disco July 31, 2008
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It was too late to call the bookstore, so I left a message on their robot to call me back.
by pentozali September 26, 2008
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A person with no emotions or feelings at all
Every body cries when watching this sad movie, except him, who does not feel sad at all. He is such a robot.
by DanielJJ October 08, 2015
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1. (In science fiction) An automaton or artificial lifeform (in modern cases, entirely machine-based), often intended to serve humans or other lifeforms, which may or may not possess artificial intelligence. May or may not end up taking over the world and destroying all the humans.
2. A machine which is capable of sometimes complex movement, which may be programmed by computer, operated by remote control or possesses some form of rudimentary AI, used to perform some useful function.
3. (In anime and related media) A large machine of usually humanoid appearance, often operated by a human pilot, usually capable of walking and possibly flying, usually used in combat. (also called mecha, giant robot).
Robby the Robot was almost like another member of the crew; though not human, he was essential to the maintenance of the starship's functions and could operate where no human crew member could.
The robots are going to rise up and destroy us all, I tell you!
The car assembly plant was fully automated, with most tasks being performed by robots.
Hikaru got into the cockpit of his giant robot, and prepared to engage the enemy.
by The Lyniezian June 14, 2015
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Usually a square-shaped humanoid on wheels designed to do tasks for people, usually lazy ass people, but can also be used to describe people who are mindless pieces of shit whom set an objective to destroy a person's life by means of putting them in jail for no reason, sending them to hospitals when they're completely healthy, and more. When they accomplish their goal, they just stand around and do nothing until they find another target in their sensors. They're much like a robot that malfunctions. Bad parents are a very good example of robots, especially ones who violently beat their kids for religion. Tommy Vercetti from the famed Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, uses this term to insult police officers that pursue him.
Tommy Vercetti: "You ain't a cop. You're a robot."
by An intellectual being August 09, 2015
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