Realm Rank 11 Cleric on Dark Age of Camelot, Albion Morgan le Fey. This is his job.
Hi my name is Roamin and I am a Realm Rank 11 Cleric, wanna fuck?
by Greeny November 21, 2004
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What you be doing in new frontiers after turning on Xunleashed.
I run with Forgetfull so we be roamin to find enemies.
by Mikecrazy February 26, 2005
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To hang out, relax, chill. Can also illustrate enthusiasm for a secenario.
What's happening man?
Roamin' man, roamin'.

What was last nights gig like man?
Oh dude, it was Roamin'!!
by Jez Stowell August 28, 2008
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