Realm Rank 11 Cleric on Dark Age of Camelot, Albion Morgan le Fey. This is his job.
Hi my name is Roamin and I am a Realm Rank 11 Cleric, wanna fuck?
by Greeny November 21, 2004
To hang out, relax, chill. Can also illustrate enthusiasm for a secenario.
What's happening man?
Roamin' man, roamin'.

What was last nights gig like man?
Oh dude, it was Roamin'!!
by Jez Stowell August 29, 2008
What you be doing in new frontiers after turning on Xunleashed.
I run with Forgetfull so we be roamin to find enemies.
by Mikecrazy February 26, 2005
The urge one feels when desiring to move on from what's been an exclusive relationship
I've got a bad case of roaminitis in my bones right now that can only be healed by hooking up with someone new
by Merg1 October 16, 2016