A road rally is essentially a competitition or "scavenger hunt" where a bunch of high school students join together and make teams which usually consist of a designated driver and an even mix of about 6 other kids half girls and the other half boys. The goal is to get as fucked up as humanly possible and the set out to complete tasks. The tasks that can be completed on road rallies can varry widely from the most simple being buying female condoms to cumming on a girls faces in front of your school. The more fucked the thing your team does the more points they will get. In order to receive points somebody has to record everything that your team does and send it to a single official who decides wether or not to give points and tally up the scores. This person is also the one who starts and ends the rally. Road rallies are left mainly to the seniors and the people that are allowed to do it are usually either the most popular or hottest people in the grade. Everybody who isn't apart of it is inherently not as cool by the participants standards and outsiders usually have the view that all these people are hoes and douchebags. For kids participating the reason for doing such things are so that you can fuck and hookup with people at the same time that you would never normally get with. Overall pretty wiild experience if you ever get to do one. It usually only happens once a year.
Bruh, I got such nice road head from Jacqueline last night at the road rally, our team got 100 points because of it.
by Boyfromchap October 07, 2017
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