Best fortnite player in the game (PS4) never misses and builds better than pc player also best youtuber !
"Bro who's the best fortnite player?"
"Obviously Rizzy!"
by ChronicSwayy October 31, 2018
A Dynamic DB (american football) that hits hard, runs fast, and cleans heavy. This type of athlete normally should never have his balls busted in practice or he will go rambo. However, outside of practice this athlete has one of the nicest personalities known to man.
Damn the dude is a (rizzi), did you see the way he covered that receiver!!!!!
by VSP August 11, 2010
Cover me with the Snizzy, I'm going for the Rizzy.
by MajesticExplosio April 30, 2005
transportation: car, bus, scooter, motorcycle, bike, anything that you use to get you where you need to go.
Yea, I just bought me a new rizzi
by Landy February 5, 2004
A young self-entitled woman supported by her middle class father. An overweight and malicious female who gossips about every person she knows, yet acts innocent of the crimes. People generally accept Rizzi into their circles because she is intelligent and well-educated, which makes her quite witty. Unfortunately, her wit can be cruel. You can count on her speaking poorly of most people around her, as no one is spared. She is especially judgemental of her closest friends: two incredibly beautiful woman whom she probably secretly hates. She often sings songs, making up her own lyrics: "There are worse things I could do, then gossip about a friend or two. Even though the girls thinks I'm nice, I'm no good. There are worse things I can do!"
1. It's funny to hear Rizzi talk about people, unless it's about you.

2. Watch out -- Rizzi may write mean urban dictionary terms about you and smile to your face.
3. Rizzi often gossips about Mr and Ms B to Miss L and they are all best friends.

4. Rizzi started all kinds of trouble in our lives and we decided not to be friends with her anymore.
5. I've nicknamed the HR lady at work "Rizzi" because she is always gossiping about other people.
by MoxieMocker February 14, 2016
rizzi is a fucking queerbag who goes to my school he sux other guys cocks and then brags about it. wat a fag. just the other day he said i sucked 30 cocks today im pimpin. no ur not hobag.
like i said before hes a queerbag and hobag and gets male friends buy sucking their cocks fuckin disgusting.
by matt February 18, 2005