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The relationship pairing of Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr Maura Isles in a romantic way. Of the show Rizzoli & Isles on TNT. Femslash

Based on the uber-gay subtext of the show.
Anyone who has seen Rizzoli & Isles knows that Rizzles sizzles!
by Potmunkey September 22, 2010
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(Another installment in the language of "izzle," a thug specialty.)
I hizzle that "izzle" is losing populizzle to that knock-off "eezy" stizzle, with words like "fo sheezy" it ain't on the RIZZLE.
by the rizl February 06, 2003
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A mix of marijuana and tobacco smoked through a water pipe.
A spliff smoked out of a water pipe.
Layer or mix tobacco and marijuana into your water pipe's bowl piece. (Grinding both marijuana and tobacco makes it easier) Exhale thuroughly and begin smoking. To get the full experience of the Rizzle, one should lay their head back and breath deeply.
by Enjoint Humboldt May 21, 2009
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a word people use to identify themselves to the "ghetto" culture. Usually wiggers or dumbasses with the IQ of 12
wigger: for rizzle mah nizzle in the hizzle
me: hey isnt that your mom honking at you in her chevy suburban?
wigger: uh.. yea. peace out nigga
by nacho January 17, 2004
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izZLe for Real, question/statement
"Fo' (for) RizZLe!" To show apptitude and/or knowing
"Fo' (for) RizZLe?" A question asking if the 3rd person is indeed telling the truth
by T.B. September 23, 2003
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1. Anything really. Usually something starting with 'R'.
2. A deal. Usually cannabis.
1. "What's the rizzle dizzle (real deal)?"
"Yo! Give me a rizzle (ring)."
"Pass me the rizzle(bong)."
"Keen to rizzle(leave)."
2. "Let's rizzle (ring) Sampson to get a dizzle(deal)."
by Diego October 02, 2003
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