Having the smoothest tongue; talking the baddest guy/girl up to whatever you want; a gold mouthpiece
James: "I think 'ol girl is feeling me."
Sean: "Show her the riz bro!"
by ben.ballin.10 July 21, 2021
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A guy who is cool but liked by everybody. The dudes dude, sexiest man alive. Talented in every way, though he doesn't realise it.
Damn that guy is a 'Riz'
Wow what a 'Riz'
by Jin-Rwanda June 21, 2018
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Sweetest most charming guy you will ever meet, he comes up with reasons to talk to you and always has something to say. Can make you laugh within a second of talking. He is sweet, funny, nice, enthusiastic, lovable, hot, weird. You will fall in love with in a min of talking to him.
Riz: "why are you so great? What did I do to deserve you? I really love you with all my heart."

Girl: "I love you too"

Riz: "My heart is saying Riz"
by Jin-Rwanda October 2, 2018
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riz is how much game you've got. Game Means how well you pick up girls
Boy: How much riz you got?
Boy2: Im the rizer of oz man
Boy:okay go get a girl
by therizzerofoz January 25, 2023
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Riz is a word commonly used in place of clout and/or coolness. The maximum value of Riz obtainable for a singular entity is infinity. Riz value below 25 is ranked as noob level.
Ayo Toby, you got 0 Riz
Man I got so much Riz right now
by uoiruw9212 January 19, 2022
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A bloke who is basically just a god, good at everything
Rupert - “bro I wish I was riz
Teages - “same man but we just aren’t that cool”
Sam - “I just wanna be like riz”
by Rizfordematee November 6, 2019
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Riz is just an all round legend, otherwise known as "6 pack", "SLAB", "Rizza" or "legend", Riz can get served from any place he chooses, he can get into any party he chooses, he is the greatest bloke known to man.
Cashier: 'What are you after mate?'
Riz: 'Just a couple Riza's for the boys'
by bigmoneysnag November 6, 2019
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