A mixed alcoholic beverage consisting of two parts rum, one part whiskey, four fluid ounces of coke, and four fluid ounces of a fruity drink of your choice.
I went to the bar last night and ordered a risky business. My friends called me a queer but changed their minds when they actually tried it.
by itonner231 March 14, 2010
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Having sex without the use of any sort of birth control
Jonny and his girlfriend were broke and horny, so they jumped in the backseat of his car for some Risky Business
by XSTUTCHX March 9, 2009
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Having a hooker throw a party at her spot. Then rob the place after and make her buy back the stuff you stolen. Then using that money to pay for one class at community college.
Dam, I had to do a little risky business for these 3 credits
by Wetnapkin December 30, 2017
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