6 definitions by Wetnapkin

When a girl is going down on you and she is to deep to breathe and her nose is on your resting on your nuts you let out a fart and hold her there so she has to breathe through her nose. Also, known as the Total Recall due to the resemblance of the faces made when exposed to mars atmosphere.
I did the Dutch apocalypse on my cheating wife. I may be getting a divorce. However, she will totally Recall the moment every time she hears a fart.
by Wetnapkin December 30, 2017
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When you orgasm with a limp penis at the same time in an Italian accent say el dente and in one motion hit her with the penis. With the intention of seeing if it sticks.
I couldn't get my dick up but I el dented that ass.
by Wetnapkin December 30, 2017
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Having a hooker throw a party at her spot. Then rob the place after and make her buy back the stuff you stolen. Then using that money to pay for one class at community college.
Dam, I had to do a little risky business for these 3 credits
by Wetnapkin December 30, 2017
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A unremarkable girl that you still have sex every once in a while because she isnt terrible and your parents like her.
by Wetnapkin December 30, 2017
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Doing the same thing that a friend did years later but in a less memorable way.
Shit kid, he Chris cornelled that, Frank did that 10 years ago but it was a lot cooler when Frank did it.
by Wetnapkin December 30, 2017
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Someone who had sex with someone with aids and didn't get it. A seemingly unintelligent person that good fortune happens too. However, this person never lies and has no bad habits, and doesn't blame anyone for his situation. Basically the person you can't understand why good things happen too. Because you are to busy thinking you are smarter than you are. With many bad habits and an excuse for your mistakes other than yourself.
I f ucked a heroine addict and found out she had aids. I got tested and FORREST GUMP that shit.
by Wetnapkin December 30, 2017
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