A posh upper class form of a gold digging. When a man showers a woman with expensive gifts and money for strictly no sexual flavors in return.

In rare circumstances the man baring the gifts could get a 'Thank You' message left on a social networking site, but it shouldn't be expected.
A man throwing lots of cash at a woman, shouting "Your rinsing me baby your rinsing me, Take it all, rinse me harder!"

I'm all rinsed out, well back to work, gotta earn more, hey maybe i could sell my car..
by Rinsed June 6, 2012
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The high felt from the effects of Psilocybin mushrooms.
I was rinsing so hard last night! Those shrooms were so tight.
by ahkbari March 25, 2018
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when someone has been thoroughly beaten at a certainsport or activity
by jake87 June 8, 2006
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getting a bad deal and over paying for something
guy- “man I’m pissed, I dropped 15 bucks last night at the game for a shitty burger, should’ve just hit dons
his buddy- “ya that was a bust, u got fuckin rinsed man”
by stewdaddy November 30, 2017
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The act of being excessively drunk.
I was real rinsed last night after drinking straight whiskey.
by SMOKEU July 30, 2010
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The heavy, energetic, uplifting vibe at a Drum n Bass night.
'Rinsing sound inside the place tonight.....all of the massive a brock wyal...'
by ezman April 13, 2003
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(1) To have lost a cuss battle without a comeback
(2) To have rinsed the dishes or forks
Dave:You Just Got Rinsed Mate!
Bob: :/ Hmmm...

Dave: Rinse my plate
Bob: :/ Hmmm...
by djthegodfather October 2, 2005
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