The high felt from the effects of Psilocybin mushrooms.
I was rinsing so hard last night! Those shrooms were so tight.
by ahkbari March 25, 2018
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A posh upper class form of a gold digging. When a man showers a woman with expensive gifts and money for strictly no sexual flavors in return.

In rare circumstances the man baring the gifts could get a 'Thank You' message left on a social networking site, but it shouldn't be expected.
A man throwing lots of cash at a woman, shouting "Your rinsing me baby your rinsing me, Take it all, rinse me harder!"

I'm all rinsed out, well back to work, gotta earn more, hey maybe i could sell my car..
by Rinsed June 6, 2012
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Like rinsin, but used as a more exitable expression for something what is perceived to be bangin e.g; double the rinsin value of your average rinsin value.
If you saw an attractive woman while you were cruisin, you might say to your homie,"Rinse rinse."
Ya get me?
by Danny Montana May 27, 2006
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when someone has been thoroughly beaten at a certainsport or activity
by jake87 June 8, 2006
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The act of being excessively drunk.
I was real rinsed last night after drinking straight whiskey.
by SMOKEU July 30, 2010
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When you get robbed and left with nothing example you get owned of all your belongings in a robbery or burglary or divorce or your just a pussy who allowed yourself to be a victim and let someone take all your stuff
John rinsed his mate Richard, he's fucking taken the van the tools, his phone, cash, the lot and left him stranded
by Gave Mean STD September 28, 2019
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The heavy, energetic, uplifting vibe at a Drum n Bass night.
'Rinsing sound inside the place tonight.....all of the massive a brock wyal...'
by ezman April 13, 2003
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