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Something semi-literate drunk frat boys shout before participating in a gang rape.
Everyone remembers "Carpe Diem" from the film Dead Poets Society; and they shouldn't, because it honestly isn't that great of a movie.
by HeisenbergUltra May 3, 2015
One who rejects mainstream conservatism in United States politics in favor of extremist ideologies - among which may include an opposition to multiculturalism, anti-immigration, white nationalism and supremacy, anti-Semitism, anti-egalitarianism, nativism, racial/ethnic identity politics, and fascism. Often, alt-rightists view mainstream establishment conservatives as weak and untrue, and reject compromise with liberal factions. You're most likely to encounter an alt-rightist on internet blogs and 4chan, where the movement is made up mostly of socially-awkward virgin teenagers.
Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign has attracted many alt-rightists due to his nativist, anti-immigration rhetoric and authoritarian persona.
by HeisenbergUltra June 20, 2016