Riding rail means to be at the very front of a concert/show, especially larger shows where the stage is separated by a ledge/rail.
We're gonna ride rail tonight at the Bassnectar concert.

I know her, we rode rail together last week at Chainsmokers.
by whhuuuutttt November 28, 2016
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To be in the front row of a concert, especially one in which there is a safety barrier in front of the stage.
You guys want to show up early and wait in line for the show so we can ride the rail?
by kdspa June 5, 2014
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Lets drink a Texas mickey and ride the rails before we hit that party!
by Ridin'ThePowderRailroad October 26, 2010
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To sit down at a bar in the middle of the day, and try to drink every beer they have on tap. From left to right.
Those kids were wasted after they tried to ride the rail at Gas Light.
by ryanprendo May 6, 2008
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duder #1 - where's phil at?
duder #2 - he's down in san francisco
duder #1 - did he ride the rails down there?
duder #2 - yep
by human=garbage September 1, 2006
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Military slang. Eject from a fighter aircraft. Modern ejector seats are mounted on a set of vertical rails, with a rocket or explosive charge to propel it upward and out of the cockpit.
"There were flames all around me, I couldn't even see the horizon, so at 420 knots, 8,000ft I had no choice but to grab the handle and ride the rails."
by Mervin Woodfine February 9, 2007
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