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The Richardson Middle School is some shit school located in Dracut, Massachusetts. All the 7th graders know who the 8th graders are and the 6th graders are all fat fuck weirdos who think they're queer and are undertale and fnaf obsessed. The 7th graders get into much more fights that the principal will immediately find out about and most kids will probably have more relationships in a year than you will in a life time, even if that person is ugly. (Also goes for 8th graders) The school honestly doesn't really care about how much your life sucks because they're too busy caring about the fucking gum you're chewing. Both gym teachers are fat yet expect you to be in perfect shape. The whole fucking school is acutally snakes by the way, no joke. The school is basically white and some "cool" white boys like to think they're cool with the black kids. It's an average school, you have popular kids sitting here and there and the rest are either total weirdos or average kids who watch filthy frankand pretend to be him by acting like pink guy in the halls or shouting "I have osteoporosis" from idubbbz. Most kids are probably homophobic and everyone thinks they're bisexual. Only the asians do good in this god damn school, and almost every dumbass person in 7th grade goes to roller kingdom. If you think you are damn close to hooking up with that guy or girl, you think again buddy because that person probably thinks you're ugly which everyone from RMS is. RMS students are dumbasses.
"Dude, did you ever even date anyone in middle school?"

"Nah b, I went to Richardson Middle School, everyone there was ugly af"

"Did you hear about that fight happening later bro?"
"Dude the teachers already heard about it the two kids already got a 2 day in-school suspension"
by Some petty retard June 17, 2017
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