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Richa is a girl that you will become friends with even if you two are the most polar opposites in the world. A Richa will stand up for you, care for you, and cry with you through the hardest of times. A Richa will have the most beautiful brown and lush eyes, with long black hair that she always is shy about showing off but you tell her that it is beautiful anyway. A Richa will be the most popular girl in school that everyone envies. She will be especially envied of her musical talents and abilities. She will also push you into doing things out of your comfort zone without second guessing if you're comfortable with it, but you let her do it anyway because she is our best friend.Richa will have a strict but caring and model like mother who will scare you at first but then you realize that she is the sassiest and funniest Indian mother to ever exist. SLAY QUEEN! Richa will also show you new things And at the end of reading this definition, you will realize that Richa is the greatest best friend anyone could ever wish for.. and how lucky are you to have a friend like Richa.
Where did this beautiful fragrance came from? It must be Richa’s
by Yashika12 December 13, 2018
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A cool bengali girl who is best friend material. She is warm, vivacious and giggles continually. She will brighten up your day when you are depressed and is on good terms with almost everyone. Most importantly, she is honest and you can trust your deepest darkest secrets with her.
Tonight, I spoke to Richa for hours about my insecurities and she listened with great intent.
by mathiselegant November 23, 2017
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Richa is the finest girl on earth with a sexy round boobs and ass, she taste yummy, she's sooo sexy and the most gorgeous woman you will ever have the honor of seeing. She give's you that look that makes you soo hard. she is soo shy at first but know's how to please her boyfriend and she's freaking good at it, she got the most beautiful eyes and most sexiest smiles. if you have her then considered your self luckiest men. She is sweet and wild at the same time, they look innocent but hide lots of stuff. she is smart, intelligent, sexy and innocent.
OH that is richa, here come my beautiful baby
by verma12 June 26, 2019
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It has many meanings that describes a girl.

A word that is synonymous with cool and awesome and rocks like the loudest concert you ever been to.

A word that can be used to describe someone who is a friendly ,fun person who is multi-talented, smart, caring, and well travelled that you want to be around all the time.

Someone who goes above and beyond to get the job done correctly in all facets.
When did you get to be so richa - I am impressed.
Buffy Summers is so richa in the way she slayed that vampire.
I wish my daughter was more richa, she will be after she finishes university.

Excellent work, you really did that job in richa fashion.
by chosen14sc February 05, 2010
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Fucking awesome, cool, deck. Richa was originally the name of this girl from Norway/India/Philipines/etc. Due to her coolness, Richa is now used primarily as an adjective similar to "great".
That movie was so Richa.
Whoa, that weed was pretty Richa!
by J March 25, 2005
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A pretty girl that don't give a fuck know more because she got hurt by every body richa is very smart if some body talk about her she get smart with them if you are richa friend your special because she is one of a kind she will share with you and she will be there for you richa loves telling people what she thinks about them even throw it is something smart she don't care who you are richa love her family so much
Richa is cool
by Nafeesah black June 18, 2018
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this means that you are rich or beyond rich if u a hustla.
i stack my paper. i richa than u pimpin'. im richa than da president!
by Ashley Terrell October 17, 2006
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