A large and/ or unattractive woman found at the bar during last call. Usually found preying on intoxicated men who have struck out throughout the evening. Taking one back to her place will often result in a coyote ugly.
After the rough night I had striking out, I decided that I would have four more shots and settle for the rhino at the end of the bar.
by da-rooster February 26, 2017
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A name for an attack performed by forming one's hands into a fist shape with the thumbs together and pointed outward. The attacker proceeds to send their "hand rhino" swiftly upwards into the asshole of the victim.
He carressed his anus, as he had just become the victim of a powerful rhino.
by Extreme Dicktator March 05, 2010
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stupid girl who can't keep her strappies up on the body of her braced faced self. she may come across as nice but later comments on the physical "flaws" of others because she clearly needs a mirror
That bitch i met at my friend's house is a rhino! Go back to jumanji whore~\!
by hotterthanu<3 August 27, 2004
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That shaggy haired zill kill who runs the universe.
Did you see rhino puke after that hit.
by Doobage December 04, 2003
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Drunken watford supporter who spends his time vegetating in front of his PC listening to aggressive guitar based music.
by gareth blundell October 07, 2003
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an act developed in a boys lacrosse locker room that eventually lead to disturbances at a small town high school. to perform te rhino correctly you must be very sneak, approach your prey nimble and slow. trust a fist between tthe legs and lift up so that the taint sits properly on the fore-arm. If performed correctly the victim will be raised 6" to 2'.
I can't believe he rhinoed that chick at the mall!
by remotecontrol April 07, 2005
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