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Rhinelander,1.) small town in northern WI. 2.)When a person feels they are so cool and so distinguished and are instantly better than anyone in the room, they are Rhinelander.
bar patron 1: Dang this DJ is killn it tonight! Look at all the

people dancing!
bar patron 2: I know bro! So glad they brought this DJ here

rhinelander local: This DJ blows, I lived in Chicago for two

months and thats where the REAL DJs are. You two

have no clue what your talking about.

bar patron 1: Moron this DJ is FROM Chicago, whatever,

by redneckhater10 December 30, 2010
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Rhinelander- A place were emos and goths hang around acting all metal but most of them never been to a REAL metal concert and if theirs a fight out of no where 2-3 cars come up and if u you get cought with weed/ and or beer they send you to milwakke.
Pshyco:Hey Bleach, whats happening, wanna hang?
Bleach:No, to busy rocking out to this Good Charlotte cd...I"M IN THE MOSH PIT
Pshyco:ok, well i'm gonna go some a joint.
Were so metal, you know that? I love it here in Rhinelander.
Bleach: Yeah, i know what you mean? I Meanm were else can we see the bands we like and be metal and goth?
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