When one makes a colossal fuck up
Person 1. Shit my over sized hands just caused me to hangup on someone!
Awesome Guy 2. You just pulled a Rhianna
by Incredible Bulky April 24, 2013
rhianna is a trollop and she always likes to go after boys
by smallfatchick November 27, 2019
When a girl takes a load in her mouth, then tosses your salad, with your man ranch.
She sucked me off and gave me a white Rhianna!
by FuckeRhi September 4, 2020
choose any word at random then each person guesses how many lines of images you have to scroll down before you find a picture of rhianna. nearest one wins and gets to shout rhianna bingo
by The Wanger 3 July 17, 2011
Rhianna is one the sweetest people in the entire world. Any room she walks into lights up within seconds, she makes you see the silver lining in any situation. Rhianna is more concerned with others than she is with herself and makes sure that everyone is put before her needs. She will be right there whenever you need a hug or a laugh or someone to talk to. When she hurts there is no need for her to tell anyone because only the ones she keeps closest know her truth. Her coffee-coloured brown eyes are the door to her soul, one look and you're enticed, her smile is contagious and her whole personality and looks are just the best, unbeatable! When you find a Rhianna keep a hold of her, she is my rock and world. I don't know what I would have done without her and I am glad that we're still standing after all time. So go and find a Rhianna to complete your life.
Person #1: Who's your best friend?
Person #2: Rhianna Beard...

Person #3: OhMyGosh! Lucky! Don't let her go!
by KGhost03 June 2, 2019
The act of shoving an umbrella up your arse, opening it up and filling your arse full of pineapple juice. Under my umbrella, ell a ell a ay ay ay.
Me and the Mrs were a bit adventurous last night, we tried out the dirty rhianna. Safe to say we won't be doing it again. I will not be under that umbrella anymore.
by Dirty Rhianna April 8, 2020
a beautiful girl who always has a smile on her face everytime you see her, shes the type of girl to always make effort into seeing you. if your friends or know a rhianna then you are very lucky, never let her go. She could change your mood faster then the speed of light, shes such a forgiving girl. Sadly, shes insecure with the way she looks but she looks like an angel.
Them: whos rhianna rose?
Me: your missing out, go be friends with them rn
by unkownwnje August 10, 2021