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Pronounced: rain

Originated: Long long ago in Scandinavia, there was once a brave knight, who could single handedly slay mammoths with one hand. Everybody loved Sir. Reyne until one formidable dark late dark night when he went into the woods with just one hand as always because thats alllll he needed to ruin everybody's lives. The idiot accidentily slayed the last mammoth. Would you believe it. The people couldn't eat for three winters! Also formally known as reyne the brain, brainy reyne, or just brain - until of course he killed the whole kingdom. Today, no-brain reyne (more recently known as murderous reyne) lives on only as an urban legend in books, and in our hearts.

Meaning: a wolf of the night, half ninja half night wolf.
BOY 1: hold onto your eggs because he's coming to snatch them from under your hens. then he uses them to make wizard potion that when drunk under the light of a full moon makes him a proper wolf.

BOY 2: really? who?
BOY 1: reyne

Fun Fact:

believe in your dreams. there's a little bit of Reyne in everyone.
by thefoxfightingchickensisters February 17, 2015
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