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The act of getting belligerently intoxicated before a exam in a 8AM biology class on the first day. After receiving the exam, the individual must attempt to answer these questions in a blackout state. After little effort, running out of the class room and hugging the toilet is a must. The longer you can stay passed out on the floor and the more puke laid in, the better.
The original Reynald accomplished 6 hours passed out on a private college's multistalled bathroom floor. Additionally he managed to be found by the same individual twice, who never seeked medical help for Reynald, and slept for 24 hours immediately following the incident.
Bob - "I was Reynalding It today."
Dane - "Awesome dude how long did you make it?"
Bob - "About 3 hours and then Sampus found me. I gave them HELL though and proceeded to puke all over them. Taught those bastards a lesson! Don't mess with Bob the badass."
Dane - "Crazy"
by The masked BRIT April 27, 2012
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