The Capital of Iceland, around 120,000 living in the city, 180,000 in the municipality. Known for expensive beer, great nightlife, and good music.
Reykjavik's the coolest city on earth.
by TonyT March 19, 2005
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Originates from Iceland’s high rate of casual sex, which has caused the country to have the highest rate of chlamydia in Europe for the last 10 years.
She gave me a Reykjavik handshake when we hooked up last night.
by Jaleiely November 19, 2017
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Around a hot spring, gather a group of ladies looking to auto-impregnate and a group of donors. Have the donors wank into the spring and stir briskly with an oar. Everybody takes a dip and, I don't know, makes fondue or something.
"If you're looking to get pregnant I'm having a Reykjavik Sperm Bank in Jackson Hole this weekend. You should come!"
by Serge Turtle December 20, 2015
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