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When you perform the Rodeo where you whisper to the girl that you have AIDs and she turns and says, \"Good So Do I,\" and the chick grabs your butt cheeks and sees how long she can hold onto you.
Holy shit dude, Caitlen scared the shit outta me, she did the reverse rodeo, crafty bitch
by DankMastaD April 26, 2005
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While a guy is fuckin a bitch doggystyle, she proceeds to grab his nuts and say "i've got the hiv" . And the male freaks the fuck out and tries to get the hell outta there
some bitch gave me the reverse rodeo, i slapped her in the face and told her to get the fuck out
by Tonski Rubino March 16, 2005
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The competition of fucking a girl doggy style while wearing a horse head. While your friend subsequently bursts in to take pictures with a goal to hold on as long as possible. Bonus points if friend
“How was the reverse rodeo last night?”
“Good but short, I came first.”
by Save_a_Horse May 13, 2018
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